Domain privacy - protect your identity

The contact details of all registered domain names are available through a publicly-accessible database called WhoIs. This database acts like a phone book for domain names and is managed by the domain registrar.

It allows people to find contact details of the owner of any domain name (including your name, phone number, address and email address). This comes with a downside - people can access your contact details and do whatever they like with them.

However, you can activate our domain privacy feature to safely hide all contact information from within these publicly accessible databases. It's the perfect solution for anyone who does not want their contact details available on the internet.

  • Protect against identity theft
  • Reduce the risk of nuisance sales phone calls and letters
  • Reduce the risk of email spam
  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent domain transfers

You can purchase Domain Privacy for the special offer price of¬†£2.99¬†for the first year (usually¬†£5.99pa). When you activate domain privacy, we'll hide your contact details from the publicly-accessible WhoIs databases.

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